@mickmac06 , according to the last image you posted, the SQL Master database is having a problem.At this point I recommend that you uninstall SQL and re-install it. Your other option is to create a support case with Microsoft to see if they can resolve the problem.

Ketika membuka pada bagian Network and Sharing Center, maka akan muncul tulisan “The Dependency Service or Group Failed to Start” dan diatasnya terdapat tulisan Unknown.Selah sistem tak dapat mengenali ciri jaringan yang dipakai saat ini. Parahnya lagi fitur troubleshooter yang disediakan oleh Windows juga tidak berfungsi lagi dan menampilkan kesalahan terus-menerus meski telah ditekan Dependency service failed to start problem - Dell Community Dependency service failed to start problem Hi, I have a Dell Inspiron 1525 laptop (1Gb RAM) running Vista Home Premium. Recently I cannot connect to the Internet using either wireless or an ethernet cable to the router. I can connect to the router but can not go further. The message I keep getting is 'Dependency Service or group failed to start'. The dependency service or group failed to start. - Dell

A pretty well-known Windows issue, pretty much because of the sheer number of people who were and still continue to be affected by it, is one where the affected user’s access to the internet becomes entirely non-existent and a message that reads “The dependency service or group failed to start” is displayed in their Network & Sharing Center.

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Dec 13, 2010 WWW Service Wont Start, Because Windows Process Activation KB ID 0000878. Problem. This problem started when a client attempted to add a ‘distribution point’ for System Center onto the server. This process failed, then Outlook Web Access stopped working.