As long as there is enough space on PS3, You’re always able to stream downloaded YouTube video from Mac through PS3 Media Server to PS3 for playing. What you need is just a YouTube to PS3 Video Converter.

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The port is only TB video in. There will likely never be an HDMI to ThunderBolt adapter. You will likely never be able to connect a PS3 to a new Mac unless Sony makes a PS3 with TB video output. The adapter that you link to works in only one direction, video out, mini-DisplayPort to HDMI, not video in.

Can you change the mac address? - PlayStation Nation I don't know about the PS3 but I do know that you can manual enter the MAC address into your Xbox360.Its a option under network settings, so it is posible to change MAC address on consoles .

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If you looking to play it on your Mac (I recommend that you do!!!) just make sure it’s compatible with your particular machine. My iMac is about 3 yrs. old, OS 10.9.4 no Retina display, but excellent graphics just the same. I highly recommend getting a gamepad if you don’t already have one, we have the Sony for PS3 and it works great!!! How-to: Stream media from a Mac to PlayStation 3 « last100 May 12, 2008 Is there any possible way to play Playstation 3 on my Mac To my knowledge, remote play is only available for PS4, so that shuts that option down. Your problem here is that the HDMI port in your mac (or mini display port if your mac isn’t a retina mac) is and output port and not an input port, thats why y Free Ps3 Downloads - Mac