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What is reddit's opinion of I actually have a seedboxbay one. the FTP is abysmally slow, even with LFTP. If you live in the EU it might be okay, but for $5 a month, it's not really worth it unless you only plan on using it for music. I would recommend waiting for Feralhosting slots to come back. But my top choices so far (from personally top rated) , Feralhosting and T4K. EvoSeedbox,, - Reviewed. 2017-12-2

Whatbox expertise. As an industry veteran -- serving data for customers since 2008 -- you can count on us. We've been here; we'll keep being here. — How to start using your seedbox - Part 2

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2020-4-19 · These top Seedboxes will give you the best bang for your buck. We have not put down all the specifications but you can read more about them in this post. We have listed all kind of seedboxes ranging from 100mbit to 10Gbit Seedboxes which are priced reasonably. All listed seedboxes are super simple to use with a minimal learning curve. — How to start using your seedbox - Part 2 After you've read the first part of this tutorial and understood the basics of your client area, it's time to move to the next step, to actually using your seedbox. This is just a basic guide on how to start using your seedbox but you can do much more advanced things which are not covered here.