Sep 26, 2018

Objective: Traffic between Branch 1 and Branch 2 should be able to talk across the existing IPSec VPN on headquarters ASA (HQ). Concepts:. Hairpinning (U-turn Traffic): Hairpinning is a term to describe traffic that is routed out of the same interface from which it entered. Duo for Cisco AnyConnect VPN with ASA or Firepower | Duo ASA SSL VPN using LDAPS When using this option with the clientless SSL VPN, end users experience the interactive Duo Prompt in the browser. The AnyConnect client does not show the Duo Prompt, and instead adds a second password field to the regular AnyConnect login screen where the user enters the word “push” for Duo Push, the word “phone Cisco ASA Site To Site VPN IKEv2 "Using CLI" | PeteNetLive ASA 5500 Site to Site IKEv2 VPN Copy and Paste Config. Note: This uses AES-256 and SHA-256. It also assumes your outside interface is called ‘outside’. Check! … Microsoft Azure To Cisco ASA Site to Site VPN | PeteNetLive

Each VPN gateway in the VPN community that requires DPD monitoring must be configured with the tunnel_keepalive_method property, including any 3rd party VPN gateway. You cannot configure different monitoring mechanisms for the same gateway.

The last step involves configuring the on-premises VPN devices outside of Azure. This feature allows you to download a configuration script for your VPN device with the corresponding values of your Azure VPN gateway, virtual network, and on-premises network address prefixes, and VPN …

Jul 14, 2020

I would like to know if it is possible to setup my ASA running 9.4 to log events from when my users connect and disconnect the anyconnect vpn client. There was a security issue with one of our remote systems and able to find who had that IP address but unable to find the user with MAC address with t Two-Factor Authentication for Cisco ASA SSL VPNs | Duo Oct 17, 2019