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DELAY is useful in batch file loops while waiting for something to occur. For example, to wait for 10 seconds: delay 10 . DELAY is most useful when you need to wait a specific amount of time for an external event, or check a system condition periodically. For example, this batch file checks the battery status (as reported by your Advanced Power Difference Between Jitter and Latency (with Comparison Aug 20, 2018 How to Make A Windows Batch File Loop, Sleep or Delay For

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The RAW-1D and the CMD contain the additional feature of delayed drop-out. The delay of approxi-mately 200 milliseconds is designed to allow auxiliary contacts to transfer. The RAW-1, RAW -1D, CM and CMD are designed with auxiliary resistors and diodes for easy ad-dition to existing installations. The output contact is a one form C. MP3 Player using DFPlayer and Arduino. NOTE: i).Don’t forget connecting a 1k resistor between Arduino Tx and the MP3 module RX otherwise you will have poor sound output. ii).When storing audio files in the SD card, the file names should begin with a four-digit number, for example, the first audio file should be named as 0001.mp3.The name can even have other characters but must begin with the four numbers.