Before connecting your camera, turn the camera on and go to Preferences in the camera’s settings. (This is not one of the settings you can access through the GoPro mobile app.) Scroll down to Input/Out, and change the HDMI Output setting to Live. Preferences > I/O > HDMI Output > Live. It’s also possible to use the Monitor setting. Object moved to here. GoPro Integration for Android Devices – TechSmith Support May 15, 2018 Android Apps by GoPro on Google Play GoPro: Video Editor & Movie Maker. GoPro. Make epic edits with ease, control your GoPro and share your shots on the spot. Quik – Free Video Editor for photos, clips, music. GoPro. Quik is the fastest, easiest way to create awesome videos — and 100% Free! 🎉

Upload with SD Card Reader (Fastest Method) This is my favorite method because it is the fastest …

Camera Suite: Apple MacOS and Microsoft Windows Help Connecting GoPro Hero 4 cameras. GoPro Hero 4 cameras have introduced an additional one time pairing step which is required once for each device (and has to be redone if the GoPro is resetted):. Turn on the GoPro Hero 4 camera and go to Settings → Wireless → GoPro App → New on the GoPro camera.A PIN code will be shown.

My gopro app states that it cant reach the google play

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