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Jul 21, 2008 God Wars Dungeon | Hegalia Wiki | Fandom History Edit Main article: God Wars File:The battle between the gods.PNG. The God Wars Dungeon is an enormous cave hidden north of Trollheim and seems to be one of the last remaining battlefields of the god wars. Saradomin, Armadyl, Bandos and Zamorak, the last active gods of the god wars, were, and still are, fighting against each other inside this dungeon. Robe of Zamorak (bottom) | RuneScape Classic Wiki | Fandom Robe of Zamorak is the bottom part in the set of Robes of Zamorak, prayer robes which slows down the drainage of prayer points. They can be obtained as a drop from Iban disciples in the Underground Pass quest. Alternatively, they can be obtained from Necromancers.* Only during Underground Pass. Zamorak | Villains Wiki | Fandom Zamorak is the god of chaos and the overarching antagonist in Runescape. He is known to be the archenemy of Saradomin. He was a general of Zaros before he decided to overthrow his master. Prior to becoming a god, he was a member of the Mahjarrat. Incidentally, some of his followers also happen

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Grand Exchange » Zamorak cloak; Market Price -5% Market Price Market Price +5% Buy Limit; 431,490 (431.5k) gp: 454,200 (454.2k) gp: 476,910 (476.9k) gp

F2P Strength Pure Guide - General Guides - Forum.Tip.It Jul 19, 2008 God Wars Dungeon - Runescape Miscellaneous Guides - Old For Zamorak: Zamorak Cape, Unholy Symbol, Unholy Book, Zamorak Armour, Zamorak Robes, Zamorak Top and Bottom, Blessed Zamorak Dragonhide, Zamorak Crozier, Zamorak Cloak, Zamorak mitre, Zamorak Staff, Zamorak Stole, Zamorak mjolnir, and the Zamorakian Spear. Castle wars items do not affect the aggression for Saradomin or Zamorak. Official Crystal Key Loots and Rates - BadKush May 24, 2018