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wiki:repositories:debian [X2Go - everywhere@home] X2Go Packages for Debian and the repository metadata are signed with a GPG key to counter Man-in-the-Middle attacks. If you install X2Go components for the first time on a machine, you will have to bootstrap the repository and package signing key first in order for apt to validate the downloaded repository metadata and use it. Pacman/Rosetta - ArchWiki - Arch Linux apt-file search: zypper what-provides or zypper wp: equery belongs (only installed packages) or pfl: Search all packages to find the one which holds the specified file. auto-apt is using this functionality. pacman -F: dnf provides: apt-file search: zypper search -f: equery belongs or qfile: Show the changelog of a package: pacman -Qc: rpm -q melodic/Installation/Ubuntu - ROS Wiki

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The Apt is a monstrous creature native to Barsoom's northern pole. Like the white ape, it has six limbs. The lower four are short and are used to convey the beast over the frozen wastes. The arms extend from the shoulders and end in white hairless hands. The head and jaws not unlike those of a hippopotamus, except that the bottom jaw sports two downward-curving tusks. Its two huge eyes extend Apt Pupil (1998) | Cinemorgue Wiki | Fandom Apt Pupil (1998) Directed by Bryan Singer. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. D&D Beyond School Dominator, Apt | Cardfight!! Vanguard Wiki | Fandom School Dominator, Apt Kanji : 学園を統べる者 アプト Kana : がくえんをすべるもの アプト Phonetic : Gakuen wo Suberumono Aputo Translation : One Who Rules the School, Apt Grade / … Apt | Definition of Apt by Merriam-Webster Apt definition is - unusually fitted or qualified : ready. How to use apt in a sentence. liable vs. apt Synonym Discussion of apt.